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      Tommy Chong

      Celebrity & Marijuana Crusader

      One of the most recognizable faces in the world for over 40 years puts his name of the product he was born to sell.

      7.8 Million

      Fans on Facebook

      2.6 Million

      Fans on Instagram

      His name has been synonymous with cannabis for nearly 45 years. No other celebrity has done more to propel the legalization movement in America.

      Tommy is a true believer and a life-long advocate.

      And a cultural touchstone. He has maintained a devoted following for DECADES other celebrities only dream of. 

      His fan engagement on social media is unmatched by anyone in this category.

      He’s a walking. talking. cancer-surviving poster boy for the benefits of CBD for a long and healthy life.

      At the age of 81. he’s healthier than ever with a full tour schedule and national media appearances almost weekly.

      And he is putting the full weight of his celebrity behind the success of Tommy Chang’s CBD.

      There Are Many CBD Brands To Choose

      Nano CBD Shots

      Whether you are looking for a quick shot of clean energy with no jitters or crash. or perfect night’s sleep, Tommy Chong’s Nano CBD Shots are the perfect choice.

      20 MG NANO CBD

      Bottled for rapid delivery & immediate effect

      Good Vibes

      Energy Shots

      Proprietary Energy Blend

      Taurine. Vitamin B6. Vitamin C. Citric Acid. L-phenylalanine. Full Spectrum Nanomized CBD Hemp Extract. Caffeine Anhydrous. Vitamin B12.

      Product Code: 10121
      12 Ct Retail Box

      Nice Dreams

      Sleep Shots

      Proprietary Sleep Blend

      GABA Valerian Extract. Citric Acid. L-tryptophan. Full Spectrum Nanomized CBD Hemp Extract. Cordyceps Sinensis Extract. Melatonin.

      Product Code: 10121
      12 Ct Retail Box

      Nano CBD Tinctures

      Designed with a blend of natural ingredients to support your body’s natural sleep/wake cycle.

      100 MG NANO CBD

      Up to 6X more potent than traditional CBD

      Good Vibes

      AM Tincture

      Proprietary Energy Blend

      Taurine. Vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, L-phenylalanine. Full Spectrum Nanomized CBD Hemp Extract. Caffeine Anhydrous, Vitamin B12.

      Product Code: 10101

      Nice Dreams

      PM Tincture

      Proprietary Sleep Blend

      GABA Valerian Extract. Citric Acid, L-tryptophan. Full Spectrum Nanomized CBD Hemp Extract. Cordyceps Sinensis. Extract. Melatonin

      Product Code: 10102

      Full Spectrum CBD Tinctures

      Full-Spectrum Hemp Derived CBD Extract in Hemp Seed Oil.

      Product Code: 10300

      Product Code: 10500

      Product Code: 10750

      Product Code: 11000

      Product Code: 11500

      Product Code: 13000

      Full Spectrum CBD Alternatives

      Fast convenient and mess-free. Great way to skip the taste of CBD while still getting the benefits of our 100% Pure Full Spectrum CBD.

      Full Spectrum CBD Inhaler

      with Valerian (Mint Flavored)

      Product Code: 41000

      Full Spectrum CBD Gummies

      300 MG

      Product Code: 30300

      750 MG

      Product Code: 30750

      Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

      300 MG

      Product Code: 30301

      750 MG

      Product Code: 30751

      Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs

      Four pack of relaxing CBD bath bombs infused with Full Spectrum CBD and Lavender Essential Oils.

      The perfect way to soothe aching muscles and experience relaxing calm.

      2OO MG (50 MG PER BATH BOMB)

      Bombs 4 Ct Box

      Product Code: 20200

      Full Spectrum CBD Infused

      CBD Infused Toothpicks are convenient. discrete and effective.

      Each five count flavor pack contains 125MG of Pure CBD (25MG per pick) blended with other all natural compounds designed to enhance the user experience.

      5 Pack

      Product Code: 60125

      10 Pack

      Product Code: 60250

      Full Spectrum CBD Topicals

      Instant relief on contact for aching muscle and joints. Natural support for healing and recovery no matter how hard you push the limit.

      CBD Muscle Freeze

      250 MG

      Product Code: 20250

      1000 MG

      Product Code: 21000

      CBD Muscle & Joint Balm

      100 MG

      Product Code: 20100

      500 MG

      Product Code: 20500

      Manufacturing Excellence


      Our manufacturing partner has been a leading nutraceutical manufacturer for over 20 years. Founder Dr. Gary Smith found that the most natural form of nutrients is better absorbed and assimilated by the body. 

      This idea led to the creation of an advanced chemical process that blends pure, organically-based raw ingredients for maximum absorption. Selecting the proper ingredients, in their ideal form creates an “ideal matrix” inside the body. This line of thinking gave rise to our nutritional philosophy, a focus that has been followed and perfected over 20 years.


      The FDA mandates that each nutraceutical company must identify and test each and every ingredient in order to guarantee their safety and ensure that ingredients on the label are present in the product. Most nutraceutical and food companies today rely on pasteurization to cleanse their products of unwanted bacteria.

      We do not use any sterilization process that could ruin the natural structure and character of our ingredients. Instead. our unique process of selecting. holding. and combining ingredients in a sterile environment allows us to use a cold-fill process after carefully selecting and testing each raw ingredient for cleanliness. More commonly seen on the pharmaceutical side of manufacturing. this ensures that no process contaminates our final product and allows us to provide the only supplements on the market that come to you in their raw, natural. most advantageous form.

      Our experienced research team is continuously striving to formulate great-tasting health supplements that meet customer needs. Our facility has received approval from the FDA and our practices meet federal standards for nutraceutical formulation and distribution. As our company grows. our product line will continue to expand with the goal of providing the best selection of health supplements to our customers.

      Nano Emulsification Technology


      Nano-emulsion technology takes fat soluble cannabis oil and makes it water soluble. Doing this also makes cannabinoids faster acting (early onset) and enhances bioavailability.

      The key to this technology is particle size reduction and stabilization. In order to reduce particle size, we first introduce food grade non-GMO emulsifiers to the cannabis extracts. Then we mix with water. increase the pressure to over 2,000 times atmospheric pressure and shoot the liquid stream at a bank of diamonds. This process is repeated until particle sizes are reduced to between 10 and 60 nanometers. These particles are thousands of times smaller than a traditional cannabis oil droplet.

      At the nanometer scale cannabis is able to penetrate into mucous membranes in the mouth and stomach. Entering the bloodstream at this early stage creates an early-onset effect that is often times felt within minutes. Depending on mouth residence time. the effects of CBD can be felt 8 to 15 minutes after ingestion, compared with 60 to 90 minutes for a typical tincture.

      Entering the bloodstream at this early stage avoids what is called first pass metabolism. Once a drug enters the stomach it is absorbed by the digestive system and makes its way to the liver where it is metabolized. Here CBD is degraded into substances that are less effective.

      Thus, making a nanoemulsion with CBD enhances bioavailability and creates an early onset effect.

      As mentioned above, particles are not only rendered small in size, but also stabilized with GRAS emulsifiers. These emulsifiers are natural substances easily taken in by the body. Fatty substances. such as cannabis extracts. must first be emulsified before they can be digested. In the case of nano, the extracts come pre-emulsified. The digestive system does not have to further process nanoemulsions in any significant way before they are absorbed at the level of the small intestine. Absorption is thus more rapid in the digestive system, and less product is lost to excretion before absorption can take place.

      The net effect of properly formulated nanoemulsions is rapid onset, with much smaller doses required to achieve the same effect. These advantages, and the compatibility with water and other beverages and confections (gummies included!) make nanoemulsions the best choice for many CBD consumers.

      Why I fight?

      I fought for cannabis for 40 years. Then it saved my life

      So on that score. you could say we’re almost even.

      Look. I’m no doctor and I’ve never played one on T.V. but I absolutely believe that using marijuana every day helped me recover from cancer not once. but twice.

      I look around and see guys my age (if they even make it to my age) barely able to get off the couch. Meanwhile. between tour dates and media appearances. I was on the road for almost half of last year. At 81. I spend days at a time in airplanes. tour buses. clubs. conferences. theaters. studios. and hey I do my own stunts.

      I do everything I can to stay healthy and active: I eat right. I lift weights 4 times a week and I smoke my body weight in marijuana.

      Is it fun? Yeah. it is.

      Is it good for me? I think so.

      Here’s the bottom line: Cannabis is a Miracle.

      Whether you’re talking about THC or CBD. science keeps finding more ways that this stuff supports our health and keeps us feeling better.

      So here I am, back in the saddle. putting my name on the best damn cannabis products in the world.

      If it’s got my name on it, you know it’s the highest quality, purest, most effective CBD in the world.

      All of our products are 3rd party lab-tested, full spectrum American hemp derived products. I put my name on it because I believe in it, so you can believe in it too. 

      There are a million CBD companies fighting it out today, only one of them is
      Tommy Chong’s CBD … The Choice of Legends.